How to recognize the damaged gearbox support

gearbox carThe gearbox supports are likely to wear and require periodical replacement, as they are continuously exposed to the strong vibrations and high loads during the start and the gear changes.

The experts strongly recommend checking their condition during every maintenance. You can define by the visual inspection and/or the distinctive sound if it is necessary to change the supports.

Using the model of MEYLE-HD gearbox support (article MEYLE 014 024 1100/HD), intended for Mercedes-Benz (C-, CLK-, CLS-, E-, G-, S-, SL- and SLK-classes), the mechanics tell about the working principle of the detail. In contrast to the original supports, whose construction can slightly differ for each specific engine, MEYLE supports as Honda pilot xenon headlights are unified and can be used for practically the whole range of one car brand: the engineers of the German company Wulf Gaertner Autoparts developed the reinforced construction and improved the tire rubber compound, allowing the use of such supports for various car models.