How to install LED bulbs for Nissan Altima headlights

Alright upgrading Ellie the bald head lights on the 2015 Nissan ultima. This will work on 2013 fourteens and fifteens.  Nissan headlights LED beam lights and it comes in. Pretty nice packaging. So we are the Balts. And you’ll see the balance is connected. And so the first thing you have to do is you can probably easier we take the whole wheel off. And you want to remove. Some of these.

Altima headlightsClip on His clip on fasteners. I remove the splash shield to give us a little extra room there are 3. These screws underneath. Plus. I believe one of these clip on class news. Once that’s done you can pull. Pull this the rear splash shield back. And if I put. Lastly in the. You should be able to see the headlights. Where like green. Thing is so just twisted and pull out.

You should be able to get to it. So when you. Turn the Bald I want to say. Counterclockwise issue release it. Once you pull it out make sure you have gloves on because you don’t want to damage the bolts. Press on this clip here. And just pull the ball well and it will come out nice and easy. Right now with this new up 7. LED light we will. Place it 2005 nissan altima headlight Should be plug and play. Give it a try Alright so For the up 7 LED headlight. After removing the US stock halogen headlight. It turns out that 2005 nissan altima headlight. It’s not quite plug and play you need the adapter which fortunately becomes with so the council for adapters but the one you want for the Altima.

Is this adapter here to have fun difference which means that places you can see this is. Kinda tape to have some. Robert whereas this one has some kind of inflexible. Why organizer. And that’s the one that. That was not fit well. And now we’re just gonna test to see. This headlight works. Elite the 2005 nissan altima headlight output is actually really nice looking. Not compared to the halogen. So let’s. Over the years the halogen that was the LED. And this is the light output. Pretty bright.