2011 Hyundai Elantra Review

How So you’re in the market for a compact sedan, and of course the logical choices are Honda civic, Toyota Corolla they’ve been around forever we all know that your parents drove them and they’re reliable but you know what. This is the the launcher the Hyundai Elantra, east a fifth generation lodge and I gotta tell you driving this car all day card looks beautiful as you can see about $21000 you’re getting a fully loaded limited with navigation price starts around $16000 per manual which you have to really understand but this car is now in the silicon. On the outside looks great on the inside and it just drives really really well front wheel drive all new engine, as he knew and you it’s a whole new line of engines for Hyundai 1.8 liter 40 horsepower, under 31 pound feet of torque tele class leading numbers one number that just really blew our minds was the interior volume 10 cubic feet that’s more then you know what a Nissan Maxima that’s right it’s more than the sum Max.

Hyundai Elantra So a lot of times I come to these events and you know I make these recommendations and some of you say hateful you like every new car you drive so what I did was I surveyed about 2 dozen journalists that said you know if you was your money today you had about 2011 $0 you’re gonna buy compact sedan you’re gonna drive for years what would you buy and you know what. Headlights http://gaslightsalon.com/hyundai-elantra/headlights.html Hyundai Elantra nice light. This was the number one choice they went number one a mantra number 2 Civic, number 3 Mazda 3, and a report on the Chevy Cruze so this is a vehicle that really got it right again its fifth generation at the 10 year 0 mile warranty right now to say this is a a top recommendation from us really enjoy driving it. As you can see the interior of the launcher is extremely spacious one of things are really precious about it was just how well it drove and also how quiet it was.

Stream we quite it’s gotta be one of the quietest in the segment available is a 7 inch navigation screen. 7 it is the largest in the segment and you could see this thing is high definition it’s very clear and see these pillars over here you may not think much of these killers look after just pillars be no there really are their clock looking pillars composed of plastic mixed with fibrous tissue in a volcanic rock where they only give these volcanic rocks from Iceland I don’t know but you know what it all works even the seats there there there were made of recycled soy in and we got this wavy letter thing I mean things that you don’t expect in a $20000 car you find in the Hyundai Elantra.