How to install LED bulbs for Nissan Altima headlights

Alright upgrading Ellie the bald head lights on the 2015 Nissan ultima. This will work on 2013 fourteens and fifteens.  Nissan headlights LED beam lights and it comes in. Pretty nice packaging. So we are the Balts. And you’ll see the balance is connected. And so the first thing you have to do is you can … Read more How to install LED bulbs for Nissan Altima headlights

How to recognize the damaged gearbox support

The gearbox supports are likely to wear and require periodical replacement, as they are continuously exposed to the strong vibrations and high loads during the start and the gear changes. The experts strongly recommend checking their condition during every maintenance. You can define by the visual inspection and/or the distinctive sound if it is necessary … Read more How to recognize the damaged gearbox support

Car clutch.

The security and trouble-free movement on the car depend on the impeccable work of clutch. You can drive only if the clutch is operating properly. If the disc is worn or its full adherence to the flywheel isn’t adjusted, there may be the most unexpected situation, until the emergency. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not specify the … Read more Car clutch.

Selection of wheels to your car

Presented at the car market a huge selection of wheels some motorists perceive as an opportunity to improve the design of their expensive car. They do not think that with the appropriate selection of discs, you can protect the movement, substantially extend the trouble-free transmission operation, rationally consume expensive fuel and, of course, look very … Read more Selection of wheels to your car

How to store tires

It is necessary immediately to determine that any tires do not like exposure to direct sunlight, dry air and drafts. Therefore, you must follow the simple tips for keeping the wheels. Tips for storage: do not place the tires for seasonal storage in the street under a canopy, they do not like the open air … Read more How to store tires